Payment Processing Solutions, Simplified.

Reduce the cost of credit card processing.

Just because a company offers Payments processing doesn’t mean they have the best solutions, rates, or service.

When you work with Harlan Davis, we will simplify the process of choosing a secure, convenient credit card processing solution. You’ll also save money by avoiding junk fees, long-term contracts, and termination fees. Take advantage of our wholesale rates or our Cash Discount program with zero fees (some call it 0% processing).

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Choose from a suite of products to simplify your sales process.

Harlan Davis' full suite of products includes everything from Contactless Payment options to countertop terminals to state-of-the-art point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Looking for mobile, website, or virtual terminal options? We have all the products and systems you need.

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Cash Discount Program FAQs

Sounds too good to be true, is it legal?
100% YES; in all 50 states. But the program must be set up to follow certain guidelines, more information below.

Will it work for my online business?
It depends. If it is 100% online, then no. But if it’s combined with your retail location, then it is possible. Let’s explore further…

Will it work with my existing equipment?
No, because of the proprietary software that runs the terminal. However, our favorite vendor subsidizes the new equipment and we pass it through at our cost. Or in other words, it’s very inexpensive!

If I need a new terminal, what kind is it?
Great question! We only deploy brand new gear that will always be Chip Card (EMV) ready. And even better, it will be able to accept Contactless Payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay and others, plus any credit card with the Contactless Payments logo.

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How do I inform my customers or patients?
Another excellent question! This is a very important step. This is one of the guidelines that must be adhered to. Proper signage should be posted at checkout. We provide the signage for you.

Are there other guidelines I should know about?
Yes, for the program to be compliant with the card brands (Mastercard, Visa, etc):
• The fee should be automatic. Meaning, no need to figure out the amount or use a calculator. The terminal should do all of that automatically.
• The credit card receipt must show the fee being accessed automatically.
• The “Discount” for cash cannot exceed the % being applied. For example, if the fee is 4%, the discount for a cash transaction should be 3 or 3.5% but cannot be greater than 4%.

What are the next steps?
Simple – call us!
The best part (besides the savings, of course) is most of the “heavy lifting” is on us!

Accept credit card payments at 0% cost.

Why pay to take credit cards?

Are you paying hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars a month in card processing fees? Most business owners are losing anywhere from 2% to 4% in fees with every transaction. Stop paying processing fees with our Cash Discount Merchant Account! The cost of acceptance is passed back to customers, so you can continue to accept all major credit cards at 0% cost to you.

Questions? Click for FAQ's
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Get peace of mind with Data Breach Protection.

Regardless of the size of your business, the costs of a data breach are enormous – and the effects can be devastating.

The majority of businesses are forced to close within six months of a cyberattack, and small and medium-sized businesses are the top target for hackers. Our Managed Services comes with $100,000 worth of Data Breach Protection – and the peace of mind of knowing you are protecting your customers and your business.

For more complete information on the Data Breach Program, please visit North American Data Security Program.

Locked padlock and credit card laying on computer keyboard indicating date breach protection.

To find out more about how our Cash Discount Program and our Data Breach Program can benefit your business, give us a call!

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